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Our Mission

To support green businesses and help

eco- conscious consumers make informed

purchasing decisions, contributing to positive change for our planet.

Our Promise

To support and inspire green business owners and to provide consumers with facts rather than opinion. 

How we help businesses

Our aim is to support as many eco-conscious and sustainable businesses as possible, and we particularly focus on those based in the UK where we’re based.


We provide free business resources, including recommended courses and a directory of sustainable business suppliers (ranging from eco-friendly packaging suppliers to social media experts). In our spotlight we feature the most exciting new sustainable innovations worldwide to act as a source of inspiration and motivation.

We also work with industry experts to develop free webinars, ranging from legal and funding advice to the latest sustainability information (you can catch up on our previous webinars here). Everything we develop has been specifically created with an understanding of the needs of eco-conscious businesses. We're a springboard for business growth, hence the name! 


We’re building a community - a place to share, seek help from and be inspired by your fellow green business founders, and you can join our Linked In community here.

How we help consumers

Green Springboard aims to make your purchasing decisions simpler.  We review sustainable and eco-conscious products and services, and produce comparison tables in order to help you choose products that work for you. We don't personally try out all products that we review, but we collate the facts and figures that we fell you need to help you decide what to buy. And we'll endeavour to steer clear of companies that we believe to be greenwashing.


We appreciate that not everyone looks to reduce their environmental impact in the same way. For some, plastic reduction is their foremost concern, for others, its most important to cut down (or cut out) consumption of meat. Not everyone is able to commit to a zero-waste lifestyle, so we'll do what we can to help.

We're transparent in that through some links to green businesses we may earn affiliate commission if you make a purchase. The revenue we make when you purchase helps us continue to be able to generate free resources for our green business community. So by purchasing through us, you're helping us help them. Thank you!

About the founders

Our co-founders, Philippa and Robyn are sisters based in the UK. Philippa holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford and her career has included roles in digital marketing, sales, project management, account management and strategy.  Robyn's career encompasses sales, marketing and global product management in the healthcare industry. Both Philippa and Robyn have extensive experience of working with cross-functional stakeholders both internally and externally, spanning technical, finance, IT, sales and marketing functions and both have worked on taking products and services from concept through to launch. 


Prior to starting Green Springboard, Philippa and Robyn conceived, ran and subsequently sold a dress-rental website, designed to save customers money and benefit the environment by reducing the need to buy new. This business won awards from Theo Paphitis and Jacqueline Gold. With extensive business experience and a shared passion for nature and the environment, their latest venture, Green Springboard was launched with the aim of supporting green businesses

What makes a sustainable business?

Sustainability is an incredibly complex concept which considers multiple environmental and social factors. A green business should focus on the sustainability of the company and improve the future through its corporate purpose, rather than damaging it. It should also take on social responsibility.

We feature businesses that fulfil our internally agreed criteria, but it can be challenging for a company to be 100% sustainable especially where technology may be a limitation. We steer clear from green-washing but may feature companies who may have elements to their business that they are still seeking to improve.

GSB logo_WHITE.png


Green Springboard Ltd

4 Meadow Lane, Witney

Oxfordshire OX28 6DN UK

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