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Free webinars for sustainable businesses

Are you running an eco-friendly business? Need advice on choosing a legal structure for your business or using your environmental credentials to gain new customers, increase sales and recruit staff? View our previous webinars below for help with these topics. 


Keen to learn about trends in sustainability and how to secure funding for your sustainable business? Our webinars are led by industry experts and are designed to give you a competitive edge. Join us to be the first to hear about upcoming webinars, and catch up on previous webinars below.

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Previous events

Choosing a legal structure for your sustainable business

with Gareth Bramley and Christopher Johnstone

If you're yet to commit to a legal structure for your sustainable business, this short webinar will walk through the options and the pros and cons of each structure to help you decide what works for you.

Many people leave it later than they should to decide on a legal structure for their business. From those we've spoken to it's often the fear of the unknown and an assumption that it will be complicated that puts this important task on the bottom of the to-do list. There's also often an assumption that it will be a costly process but with it costing as little as £12 to form a Limited Company this is thankfully unfounded! 

Whether you're running a company with a physical shop like a zero waste shop, an online sustainable e-commerce store, or indeed have a service-based business, our legal experts will help you decide which structure fits your business type best: Partnership, Ltd Co, Charity or other? You'll learn about how to protect your business principles to ensure your sustainability ethos is maintained as your business grows  

This webinar is designed for those people at the ideas stage of their business, who are yet to commit to a business structure. Gareth is Senior Tutor at the University of Law and Christopher is from top Law Firm, Freeths LLP.

Telling your Sustainability Story: Guest speaker Caroline Aistrop, Green Spark Marketing

A perfect introduction to the importance of PR for eco-friendly businesses, this webinar is designed for those already running their own business who want to gain new customers, increase sales, recruit or retain staff.

In this inspiring talk, Caroline talks us through the importance of compelling communication to your sustainable business. Whatever your company is doing to care for the planet, you need to be telling your customers about this. Learn about the key principles behind creating compelling communications which grab the hearts and minds of all those you want to reach and takes them with you on the sustainability journey.


Discover how to compose and organise your story and the importance of wearing other people’s shoes. Caroline has over 30 years experience of running national awareness-raising campaigns, handling PR and press relations at local, regional and national levels.

What's next in sustainability: Guest speaker Abigail Herron

Green Springboard invites guest speaker Abigail Herron of Aviva Investors to bring us up to speed on 2020 sustainability trends, essential to help green and sustainable start-up businesses stay ahead of the curve.

With only 10 years remaining to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals there's increased importance and opportunity for business owners to embrace them, whilst building a profitable yet purposeful business.  


This webinar is designed for those already running their own business who want a sense of which sustainability trends are gathering momentum.


As we have seen with the Blue Planet 2 effect on the issue of plastics, sustainability issues are catapulted into the spotlight for many reasons.


This short webinar offers insight from a long time sustainability practitioner about what the hot topics are, within companies, investors and the media as well as where the money is flowing to.

What investors look for in a Green Business:

Guest speaker Abigail Herron

Green Springboard invites guest speaker Abigail Herron of Aviva Investors to share insights around how green and sustainable businesses can best position themselves to gain interest from conscious investors.

This webinar is designed for those at an early stage of their green or sustainable business concept as well as those who are ready to scale up their business model and seek additional capital.


Hear about what impresses large investors from a sustainability and governance perspective, what questions you may be asked in order to demonstrate your credentials and what keeps investors awake at night.


The perspective given is from a large scale investor but many of the principles are applicable if you’re seeking venture capital, crowd funding or angel investing inputs too.