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Green & Sustainable Product Inspiration

As new green and eco-friendly products and services spring up, it can be challenging to fully understand the pros and cons of each. We summarise the facts and present them in an objective way, so you can make informed buying decisions based on the attributes you most value.

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Phone cases

It's estimated 1.5 billion mobile phone cases are thrown away every year, which is a huge amount of plastic! In this article we'll review a range of plastic-free phone cases to help you decide which suits you best.

Image by Brian McGowan

Sustainable loo roll

There are an increasing number of loo roll brands available which don't rely on the destruction of trees. We review a range of toilet rolls made from bamboo and recycled paper to help you decide on the best option for you.

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Plastic free straws

Hooray. The ban on plastic straws in England is finally in force. Thankfully, there are a range of alternatives to plastic straws nowadays. From compostable wheat straws to reusable steel, glass or silicone straws, we review the options.


The importance of eco-friendly products today is greater than ever before. The impact of humans on our planet and its finite natural resources has been well documented and now, thanks to television programmes such as David Attenborough’s The Blue Planet Two, and in no small part to social media, the public are increasingly aware of the consequences of our modern lifestyles. Making a decision to “do something” is the first step, but it can be incredibly confusing and, in part due to the amount of information online, a quick browse for an eco-friendly product can turn into hours of research! Green Springboard aims to help make purchasing decisions easier.  We review sustainable products and services, and summarise the information clearly in order to help you choose products that work for you.


Sustainability is a broad term with complex trade-offs, and this can mean that some products cannot be regarded as truly sustainable. However we endeavour to ensure the companies we review are seeking to address their environmental and social impacts, but accept that they may have areas of their business they are still seeking to improve. An example could be a vegan snack bar that’s packaged in plastic, or bamboo loo rolls produced in China but then shipped globally. As a consumer, every decision to purchase something that is in some way better in terms of environmental impact to an alternative in the market, is a good decision, so don’t be too critical of yourself.

Our reviews contain information that, to the best of our knowledge is accurate at the time of publishing, but if you spot anything that’s not quite right, please drop us a line and we’ll correct it. Through our reviews we may earn affiliate commission, but we always endeavour to produce objective information. The revenue we generate is used to help us keep our resources for green business free of charge.

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