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How to choose a Charity Partner

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

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Choosing a charity partner that has values that align with your own is key to the strengthening of your brand. At Green Springboard we have put together our ‘5 tops considerations” in choosing the correct charity for your organisation.

1.) Is size important? This is a contentious issue.

You could opt to partner with a charity whose size reflects that of your own company. On the other hand,you could potentially have a relatively bigger impact if you partnered with a smaller charity.

2. Where does your money go?

It is important that it is clear to your business where your contributions will be spent. It is also important to try to ensure that the charity you choose is able to effectively achieve what it sets out to deliver.

3. What is the core direction and focus of the charity?

It is essential to understand where your chosen charity intends to allocate their funds and whether the impact that this will have is in line with the expectations and hopes of your organisation.

4. Any pre-existing charity links?

If any of the staff in your organisation already support a charity, then it might be worth considering whether these charities are appropriate partners. If there is already some existing charity loyalty in the company, then this undoubtedly may drive personal and therefore company-wide productivity to ensure goals and financial contributions are met.

5. How do you plan to contribute?

Whilst some companies will choose to donate a certain percentage of profits to their chosen charity, it is worth considering what your donation generating ideas are. Do you intend to hold monthly fundraisers? Or a single large annual fundraiser event? Think about your options and see what is likely to be easiest to manage and be the most successful in achieving your donation targets. Try to select key stakeholders within your company who will focus on building the relationship and thereby ensure goals are achieved.


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