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Top Tips from Green Business Founders

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Running a green or sustainable business is win-win and helps you grow a solid business

1) Follow your passion. Be authentic. If you really believe in something, then others will too. Louise Palmer Materton, Stem and Glory

2) Focus on building a completely sustainable product or service, don’t cut any corners Kaushal Shal, envoPAP

3) Rather than going full-force, try and appeal to a wider audience and focus on bringing as many people as possible into the fold, with a fun strong message. You want people to want to come back and learn more. Alex Bruce, Turtle Straws

4) Just put sustainability at the core and build around it rather than the other way around Geryn Evans, Project Blu

5) It is vitally important to remain true to the vision and mission of your business.

Kaushal Shal, envoPAP

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